Church Weddings At St. Matthew’s

Weddings take place now in all sorts of wonderful places, but there is something special about a church wedding. You don’t have to be a regular church goer, you may not be able to put easily into words why it is that you want to begin your married life with God’s blessing, but do contact Revd Anna for an initial chat about how the church can help make your day special.

There used to be a lot of regulations about which church you could or could not marry in, but this is no longer the case and at the end of the form you can read about what you need in order for us to celebrate your wedding at St Matthew’s.

It is normally best to get in touch about a year before your wedding day, so that we can help you to plan things at a relaxed pace. Where one or both of the couple are not British citizens, it is important to give as much time as possible for the extra paperwork we have to do.